Low-Doc & Credit Impaired Loan

Low doc home loans, otherwise known as lite doc, or alt doc loans, offer you a home loan option if you’re self-employed. Rather than having to provide payslips, you can usually self-certify your income by providing statements from your accountant, recent Business Activity Statements, or a self-signed income declaration form.

Having bad credit shouldn’t stop you from getting a home loan and owning your own home or investment property. Due to uncontrollable life events, such as suddenly losing your job, going through a separation or divorce, or experiencing a sudden illness, you may find it difficult to keep up with your financial commitments.

Low-Doc & Credit Impaired Loans Sydney

Thankfully, there are a range of specialist lenders and brands in Australia who will accept borrowers with paid and unpaid defaults, discharged bankruptcy claims, mortgage arrears and a high number of credit enquiries on their credit files. The products offered by these lenders are known as non-conforming home loans and are very flexible with lending conditions, usually also being offered to self-employed borrowers.


  • Simple income declaration form.
  • No tax returns.
  • No financial statements.
  • Can have features such as redraw, line of credit, variable or fixed rates, principal and interest or interest only.



  • Generally a higher interest rate.
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