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If you are looking to buy a new car, chances are that you have started comparing the prices from various dealers to see which dealer offers the best price for your car of choice. Once you have identified a dealer who offers the car you’re looking for at a reasonable price, you need to start thinking about financing that car. There are several vehicle financing options in the market. In order to get a car loan from a bank, you need to have a high credit score. If your score is not sufficient, then obtaining a car loan can be a daunting task. Below are a few strategies that can assist you.

Dealer financing

In most cases, the car dealers will help you find financing for your car of choice. You should however bear in mind that the dealer wants to sell you the car. Therefore, it is in their best interest to help you get the money required to buy the car. They will recommend you a lender but you should also compare the rates from different lenders. You can also check with local credit unions and other lending institutions. Compare the rates from all the lenders and choose the lender that offers the lowest rates.


Leasing is another option especially for those people who are always on the move. If you decide to lease a car as opposed to buying it, you will end up paying less monthly payments as compared to the monthly payments you would have been paying had you chosen to buy the car. You should however keep in mind that at the end of the lease period, you will have to return the car to the dealer. The advantage of leasing a car is that you never have to worry about maintaining the car monthly because car maintenance is usually part of the lease agreement.

Credit report

Before applying for a car loan, you should get a copy of your credit report and make sure that it does not contain any errors. If the credit score is low, do everything you can to increase it. People with a high credit score get better rates as compared to people with low credit scores.

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